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From the Desk of Scott Gessler 


The list of left-wing groups in Colorado seems endless. But “Emerge Colorado” is one of the worst. It claims to speak for all women, but in fact, it only pushes candidates whose agenda falls far outside Colorado’s mainstream values. How bad are those successful candidates?

Let us count the ways:
First is scandal-ridden (former) Representative Rochelle Galindo. Her district relies on oil and gas development for jobs and tax revenue, but she rabidly opposes the industry that provides high-paying, dignified jobs to her constituents. And don’t forget the teenager who credibly accused her of at least four sexual assaults. Twice, Galindo got the staffer so drunk she blacked out.  Another time Galindo assaulted her in the bathroom at a Bernie Sanders rally. Galindo took ruthless advantage of her and then mockingly called the woman her own “Monica Lewinsky.” The staffer was afraid to come forward, fearing retribution.

Even though Galindo has resigned, Emerge still uses this disgraced Representative on its website weeks after this disgraceful story broke. And rather than admit they endorsed a sexual predator intent on eliminating jobs, Emerge blamed the good conservatives who held Galindo accountable.

Second is newly-elected Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder Joan Lopez. The clerk and recorder runs elections — but instead of focusing on election integrity, Lopez has turned that office into a partisan, Democratic machine. She endorsed a fellow left-wing candidate for Aurora City Council, and then also served as the registered agent for a group called “Hardcore Dems.” Hardcore indeed! How about, hardcore political hack? She still doesn’t think she did anything wrong and only resigned as a registered agent after Arapahoe residents couldn’t stomach her partisan behavior. Before taking office Lopez had no election experience, so hardcore partisanship is all that she knows.

Third is — yet again — Jena Griswold. We’ve talked about her partisan antics before— following Planned Parenthood’s marching orders, grabbing new investigatory and judicial powers over campaign finance laws, and filling the office with unqualified, Democratic political operatives.

Emerge Colorado’s advisory board is a rogue’s gallery of far-left Democratic operatives: Faith Winter (environmental activist who never met a blue-collar job she liked), Morgan Carroll (former House Speaker, Democratic Chair, and failed congressional candidate), and Brittany Pettersen (a legislator who championed government-run, taxpayer-funded heroin injection sites).

Emerge recruits and supports left-wing candidates, and unfortunately, it has successfully pulled the Colorado government to the left. In 2016, seven of its eight candidates won their races. In 2018, that number grew to 12 out of 13. The group supports local candidates, then shepherds them through to higher office — all the way to our corrupt and unaccountable Secretary of State.

We want qualified women to lead our communities and our state. But we don’t want more radical leftists who hate the 2nd Amendment, eliminate good jobs, praise unrestricted abortion on demand, and push dependency on the government.

We need to fight back and ensure that far left candidates learn that Colorado rejects their dismal socialist future. Conservatives need to support candidates at every level. And we need people like you to spread the word and tell the truth about far-left groups like Emerge.