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From the Desk of Scott Gessler 


Did you read the news that Colorado State is now discouraging the use of the word “American”? The left-wingers at CSU’s “Inclusive Communications Task Force” put together a speech guide to implement CSU’s “Principles of Community,” which include — of course — “social justice.” Apparently  “America” and “American” are not “inclusive” or “socially just.”

America isn’t inclusive? Perhaps the speech police should know that America has welcomed more immigrants, provided more opportunity, and given more freedom to more people than any other country in history — and more than the entire world combined!

After nationwide outrage and ridicule, CSU Chancellor Tony Frank ran away from the “guide,” claiming that it was an “early draft,” that it didn’t apply to students, and that CSU “actively promotes a climate of free and open debate.” Nice spin.

He then referred to a “final draft,” which did not include the word “America” — but included all the other nonsense of the previous draft.

Discouraging the word “American,” is bad, but at the end of the day, this isn’t about one word. It’s about the continual, hidden indoctrination at our universities. Here are just a few problems with Frank’s statement.

No, this wasn’t a draft. It didn’t say “draft,” and both the “draft” and the “final” have identical formats. Did the administration even read this stuff? 

Second, what was this document used for? We’ll tell you — it’s a “guide” for everyone at CSU who deals with students at student housing. So the “Task Force” issued this guide in order to constantly expose students to left-wing, anti-American indoctrination.

Third, the “final” version still exposes the intellectual rot at CSU. Don’t use words like “blind,” “depressed,” “he,” “she,” “epileptic,” “Eskimo,” “straight,” and “war.” And of course “thug.” This is unfortunate because these speech police are intellectual thugs. (There — we said it.)

Sadly, this indoctrination is not going away. Remember, Frank defended the code, except for the word “America.” And the code still exists, even if it is hidden.
So with this in mind, we propose three more additions to CSU’s housing speech code:

Ban the word “Colorado.” It’s blatant cultural appropriation from Mexico (Colorado = colored red in Spanish), and a potent reminder of conquering imperialists.

Stop using the word “State.” That’s merely a Eurocentric construct, arising from 30 years of religious extremism and violent upheaval, finally ending in 1648 when a bunch of dead, white, European cis-gendered males invented that evil thing called the “nation-state.”

And don’t even get us started on “University.” An all-encompassing institution of privilege, that imposes a universal, elitist mindset and marginalizes those ignorant fools unable to afford tuition. Not to mention that it, too, was invented by a bunch of dead, white, European, hetero-normative, cis-gendered, religious fanatics!

Of course, all of this is absurd.

Want to make a difference? 

Write the CSU chancellor directly at [email protected]

If you are a CSU alum, then consider a firm but respectful email to [email protected]

Are you a parent? Are you considering sending your son or daughter to CSU? Ask some tough questions about what type of “training” and “guidance” housing staff gets, and what words they discourage people from using. The indoctrination may be hidden — but it’s still there. 

And finally, please help us continue to dig into the news and tell you what’s really going on.  The more people who know about the anti-American ideology that is being touted in our schools, the sooner we will restore sanity to our great state.