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A Democrat-controlled state government is bad for Colorado: here are the Top 5 reasons. (But get ready for more, because Democrats still have time to do more damage.)


1. Destroying Colorado’s Electoral Voice

Colorado Democrats want to dismantle the Electoral College and hand our influence over to people like this in New York and California.


2. Regulating Colorado’s Oil and Gas Industry To Death


Colorado Democrats want to kill our jobs and hurt our state’s biggest industry — by passing legislation that will stifle energy production, over-regulate energy development, and hurt our economy.


3. Limiting Our Right To Bear Arms

They want your guns, plain and simple! The Democrat-controlled Senate and House have passed a bill that allows unconstitutional gun confiscation — and Democratic Gov. Jared Polis has pledged to sign it into law.


4. Democrats Aim To Gut The Taxpayer Bill Of Rights

Democrats need to spend, spend, and spend some more. And they definitely don’t want to ask voters’ permission before raising taxes. So Democrats at the Capitol want to trick you into eliminating the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, so they can squeeze more tax dollars from you, and send that money to people they like better.


5. Radical Sex Education For Schoolchildren

Want your nine year-old to wait before learning about sex, birth control, and alternate sexual preferences? TOO BAD! Democrats are mandating that schools promote an understanding of “sexual activity, sexuality, and sexual orientation.” The details are shockingly explicit. Want to opt out? With so many loopholes to the opt-out provisions, get ready to navigate a mind-numbing bureaucracy.