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From the Desk of Scott Gessler

In just six months, Secretary of State Jena Griswold already has had a terrible record. And it’s not just partisanship. She’s pushed laws to stifle free speech, bullied people online, and used her office to attack conservatives and independents. And as Channel 9 news just reported, she is a voluntary slave to interest groups like Planned Parenthood.

Here’s a memo to give you an idea of how bad she is:

Instead of hiring and maintaining a non-partisan office, Griswold has packed her office with staffers from the Jared Polis and Cary Kennedy campaigns, along with liberal interest groups. She has packed her office with left-wing cronies like Jenny Flanagan (former VP of the liberal group Common Cause), Shad Murid (campaign staffer for now-Gov. Jared Polis), and Serena Woods (Deputy Campaign Manager for Cary Kennedy’s gubernatorial run) to help her liberal friends and damage those who oppose them.

Meanwhile, she’s reviewed multiple campaign finance complaints, against both Democrats and Unaffiliated activists. She’s dismissed every complaint against Democrats but is busy raking Unaffiliateds over the coals.

Instead of focusing on actual issues facing our state, Griswold spends her time on Twitter attacking parody accounts. If you have Twitter, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you take the time to follow @ClerkGriswold and show your support.


Random, partisan political audits coming your way!

The Secretary of State’s office can now audit campaign finance filings under SB 19-232. And she appoints the judges, prosecutes the case, and she decides whether to even follow the decision! The law gives the Secretary two full-time investigators. That’s two full-time people to investigate conservatives, libertarians, and unaffiliated groups. Basically, everyone except Democrats. This is a clear pathway for Sec. Griswold to be able to help her friends.

More regulation, more campaign finance laws.

According to Griswold, Colorado is one of the most corrupt states in the country. There’s not enough room in this memo to go through all the additional regulations, requirements, and requisites contained in HB19-1318 — all to fight “corruption.” But if Griswold really cared about “dark money” she would have tried to do something about Polis’ “dark money” inauguration party. Oops! That’s her friend. So instead she whooped it up at the inauguration — on some wealthy donor’s hidden dime.

Last I checked, the Secretary of State was supposed to run fair elections and help companies register. But I was wrong — Griswold’s main emphasis is posturing for abortion rights, recently banning her staff from traveling to Alabama because of that state’s recent bill protecting the unborn. The non-partisan Election Center calls Alabama home, but no matter — Griswold puts her ideology over training her staff.